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Heat stroke risk alert sensor


Estimate the temperature of the brain and capture the rise in core temperature.

To be released in Summer 2020

Patent pending



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Continuously measure body temperature, air temperature and humidity to estimate  the brain temperature, and analyze the risk of heat stroke via a dedicated website and app. Analysis is performed by cloud based AI.
In case of danger, an alert will be sent to a specified email address

Brain temperature Prediction

Fall detection

By grasping the core body temperature, it is possible to determine  individual’s heat stress level.

Fainting and fall can also be determined remotely.

Cloud analysis

Email alert

All the complicated work is done by cloud based AI, saving battery power, as such  the sensor operates for up to 5 months without battery replacement.
※Operating for 8 hours per day, 5 days a week

An email alert will be sent when the heat stress increases.